Creating elegant family homes in Chicago's most prestigious neighborhoods.
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A home of unique beauty and unsurpassed craftsmanship. A family retreat of understated elegance. An oasis of calm in a bustling urban environment. A lovely setting for elegant parties - and cozy dinners by warm fires. A wonderful space for art. A welcoming environment for children, young and old.

At Middlefork Development LLC, we build very special single-family homes in Chicago's most prestigious neighborhoods. Each Middlefork property features the innovation and artistry of the city's most distinguished residential architects, landscapers and craftsmen.

Founded in 2008, Middlefork Development LLC creates long-term value through unique properties. We address a home's specific site, neighborhood and environmental context. Middlefork homes incorporate state-of-the-art functional and environmental technologies and accommodate advanced communications systems. Our homes provide an ideal setting for creating a lifetime of memories.